Violence derives from the activation and triggering of negative life moments across the layers of self, that have been lying dormant. This in turn creates an imbalance across these layers. This imbalance flows out into our physical vessel resulting in the need for a physical release.

Anger clouds our ability to think straight and to act with compassion. Yet anger is the external physical expression of what is occurring in the layers of self .

Life moments in the emotional and intellect layers will trigger and feed off each other, raising and fracturing the energetic layer.

This will be felt in the physical vessel as fear or anxiety. Our response is driven from what life moments have been triggered, what their story is and how it activates and triggers other life moments that have a similar flavour.

People talk about needing to learn how to cultivate positive emotions that counter the destructive emotions like anger and fear. While this is intellectually a great practice it is one that many struggle with.

How can we easily cultivate these positive emotions when we are constantly being triggered, where there is no congruence or calmness across the totality of self.

As we start to release these life moments across the layers of self we start to respond to life in a different way…a more gentle and calm way.