Hip pain gone final

What a beautiful testimonial from a client.

I met Sandra early 2016 at an Emmtech Workshop, and the moment I walked into the room filled with people it was like she had a light surrounding her, an energy and presence that shone out brightly through the crowd. I was intrigued at the way she captivated an entire room of people for a whole day. I signed up to further my knowledge and learn the Emmett Technique, and after completing module 1/2, I decided to book an appointment with Sandra to work on some niggles and pain I had in my body and receive a treatment. During my appointment, Sandra used the light touch Emmett technique to release certain areas on my body, but I could sense that wasn’t all she was doing. Towards the end of my session, I mentioned I had a pain in my ankle, and as she held her hand over the spot, I felt a warm, tingly sensation. I looked at her and remember saying, “You’re not doing Emmett are you?” Sandra looked up at me, smiled and said, “No, I’m not.”

I quickly realised that Sandra wasn’t just an Emmett Therapist and Trainer, she was also a light worker- someone who uses energy to assist the body to facilitate healing. The results I get from Sandra’s energy work are phenomenal, I have never experienced anything like it before. The processing that takes place during and after a treatment shifts and moves stuff I’ve held within my body for years. I’ve had hip pain most of my life, and after a couple of energy sessions with Sandra, I haven’t had a flare up since.

She has an awareness and intuitive side about her and knows exactly what to do to take a body out of discomfort and pain. Sandra has a real calmness about her and I always feel safe within her presence, she truly is gifted at what she does. She can hold a room of people captivated for 2 days straight whilst teaching the Emmett Technique, she is an amazing teacher and a loving human being who speaks from the heart and wants nothing but the best for everyone she meets.

Since meeting and being treated by Sandra, both with the Emmett Technique and her energy work, I have had a lot of shifts happen in my own life. I have never felt clearer about the direction I am heading in, I am more on track and focussed on finding out who I am, and am finding that I am being guided to my purpose, journeying through myself to find out why I am here and how I can make a difference. I am a big believer that nothing happens by chance, that we choose this life we live, and that we are destined for greatness if we allow it. Crossing paths with Sandra has been one of the most profound learning journeys I have taken in this lifetime, and I have already made many transformations in my life in a short space of time.