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A wonderful testimonial from a client. I love seeing these sorts of profound changes. Thank you!

I went to Sandra on the referral of a friend for ongoing back and shoulder pain that I could find no ease from regardless of what I tried. I thought I was going to just get some physical bodywork and had been told she treated using something called Emmett. I had no idea what Emmett was at the time but I was prepared to try anything as nothing else had worked. The friend referring me, also mentioned ‘don’t worry she’s very intuitive’.

When I went for the appointment with Sandra I found the treatment to be quite different to anything I’d experienced before. Light touch applied to various parts of my body and pain seemed to magically disappear, but what sparked my curiosity was all the shifting and moving I could feel going on both inside my body and out. I’m quite energy sensitive and was a bit surprised by all I could feel going on, and expressed what I was feeling to Sandra, who quietly smiled in response.

In subsequent sessions we started to speak about energy during the treatments and I came to learn that Sandra is a very gifted healer and energy worker. Ahhhh now I understood why after the treatments my body would often ask for sleep time to process and heal through the energy shifts that had occurred, not to mention feel like it was buzzing. It was unlike any bodywork session I’d ever had before, certainly not ones that just addressed the physical body. There was also something else unexpected that started coming out of these sessions….I was once again being pushed back onto the path of my life’s purpose. Where some years ago I’d decided to give up doing all energy work and get a real job to earn money and pay the bills.

I hadn’t meditated for years, yet suddenly I found myself being really drawn to do so, and being prompted by guidance to get back into doing healing work. I scratched my head for a few months wondering why, until I randomly mentioned this to Sandra and she smiled and said ‘yes it tends to do that’ referring to the energy. My life started changing as the energy shifts continued, a new job, and new challenges that pushed me to grow and expand in who I was as a person.

I won’t say it was all easy, but the changes were profound and rapid, and wow what a ride!

An energy session with Sandra leaves you feeling light and easy, and in a space of total peace and stillness where emotion does not seem to disturb. The most notable characteristic of the energy with which she works is the sensation of buzzing that can be felt in the body. It is quite unlike any energy I’ve ever experienced before. It is also interesting to note that much of the time if not all of the time, when she does an energy session, it is done without touching the body at all, and that is pretty amazing!

Even when I’ve had Emmett treatments from Sandra, the energy is still present and compliments the work being done on the physical body, so that healing occurs on all layers. There is the subtle feel of energy blocks being removed and shifted as she works. Moments where I’ve known intuitively that I am being asked to open up and let go of stuff, yet no words were exchanged, but the understanding was mutual and the shifts occurred. My friend was indeed correct.

She is very intuitive and aware, and has also known the times when it hasn’t been right to take on energy blocks that I wasn’t ready to shift, and that is rare in a world where healers like to heal whatever walks through their door.

She is not just a healer, she is a facilitator of change on all levels, a guiding light. The space created within her presence is always one of total trust and safety so that healing can occur to any level a person or even animal is ready for.