sea squareMany people that I speak to don’t know how to meditate or think that they can’t. That it’s all about sitting down in some weird position and chanting a word or phrase or making some weird throat noises. Well it could be for some but it doesn’t need to be.I guess we should use the word Silent awareness because that is what it really is. You become aware and you become silent. Silent within yourself. The external world can still be noisy but you let that wash over you and you become still. You don’t concentrate on anything because concentration brings about tension, tension in your breathing, tension in your body. Just become aware…of the breeze on your face, the sound of the car going down the road, the lawnmower in the background…but don’t focus on it, just be aware.

You will become aware of your breath, and the deepening of your breath and the stillness increases. Thoughts will come , let them go. You can watch those thoughts but don’t focus on them..they are just like the car driving down the street.

You can bring about this silent awareness wherever you are. You can walk and be in awareness. You are aware of every step, how your heel touches the pavement, how your skin feels in the sun, how your body moves. The most precious times are those when you can be in touch with yourself. Everything melts away and yet you become acutely aware that you are a part of everything.
Have a wonderful day and be Pausitive